HCS School Uniforms

HCS School Uniforms

HCS School Uniforms

HCS is excited to to add some changes to our School Uniform.  To preview the new uniform, see below: 

Uniform Pricing Overview

Ways to order your HCS Uniform:


Click the link below to shop on your custom uniform website:


Visit Flynn & O'Hara year-round at:

869 Eisenhower Boulevard Harrisburg, PA 17111
717- 939-5600


Changes to School Uniforms: 

  1. Flynn & O’Hara will remain our uniform vendor, but will reduce their prices by 10%, permanently. (The price listed on the Overview is after the 10% reduction.)
  2. Flynn & O’Hara will begin sending announcements of sales via email to school families.
  3. Uniform colors have been updated to discontinue the burgundy shirts, sweaters, and plaid skirts and will introduce a royal blue and grey shirt (most shirts will include a ladies cut). In addition, a new plaid skirt with these colors will be available. These colors align with our school colors.
  4. HCS logo will be on all new shirts that are purchased through Flynn & O’Hara.
  5. More uniform options have been included, and can be easily viewed on our website.
  6. The Used Uniform Sale will continue to be an option.
  7. The transitional plan for the 2017-18 school year will allow students to wear the current uniforms as well as the new uniforms, but, the burgundy items will no longer be sold in-store or at our Used Uniform Sale. PLEASE NOTE: If your child(ren) has the burgundy items they may still wear them to school for next year only.
  8. By 2018-19 school year, all students will be required to wear the new uniforms.