About HCS

Our Mission

Hearts straightened through faith in Christ,
Minds sharpened through academic challenge,
Lives aimed at God’s purpose.
(Based on Psalm 127: 3-5)

Harrisburg Christian School offers parents the opportunity to reinforce values they instill at home and in church on a daily basis in school. Those values are strengthened and the total person developed through challenging classroom academic experiences, extracurricular opportunities, chapels, and social events. Students participate in physical education, art, music and computer courses and may choose from various extracurricular activities such as competitive athletics, drama and competitions that foster a well-rounded educational development.

Since its founding in 1955, Harrisburg Christian School has partnered with parents to reinforce Christian values taught at church and instilled at home. The school was founded by a group of concerned dedicated parents and is still owned by the Christian School Association of Harrisburg, a nonprofit coalition of parents, faculty and other interested Christians. A board of directors selected by the Association serves as the governing body of the school. The board and school administrative team work together with parents to fulfill the school's Christ-centered mission. We strive to assist students in learning to live and work well with others while also preparing them for successful adulthood and post-secondary educational endeavors.


Harrisburg Christian School provides a superior academic education within the framework of the Christian view of God and the world. Jesus said in John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." We believe that all truth must be studied in the light of God's truth as revealed in Jesus Christ and the Bible.

We select curriculum in every subject that integrates academic learning with faith. Classroom learning is designed to challenge the mind and inspire the spirit. Emphasis is placed on the importance of critical thinking skills. The need to demonstrate Christ-like character when interacting with our culture is also promoted. Each student is viewed as an individual with unique abilities and personality. Each child is encouraged to use God-given abilities to fulfill God's purpose for his or her personal and professional life.

Young people who graduate from Harrisburg Christian are well-prepared to pursue a bright future at institutions of higher learning and professions of their choosing. Our students earn many academic distinctions such as National Merit Scholar Finalist and National Hispanic Scholar Recognition Program Finalist. The vast majority of HCS graduates choose to attend a college or trade school, and PSAT & SAT scores are well above the state and national averages.


HCS has a diverse student body comprised of students and faculty from over 80 area churches and many different denominations. The independent, parent-owned and board-governed structure employed at Harrisburg Christian School attracts students from more than 15 different school districts throughout five counties. The school's student body exhibits a wonderful sense of unity, representing a variety of socioeconomic, denominational, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We offer a truly community school. The relationships among students and with teachers are caring, friendly, and vital to the learning process.

Administration and Faculty

The school's curriculum provides the structure for learning, but the teacher is the living curriculum. If there is any single ingredient which is paramount in the entire process of learning, it is the teacher. Our teachers and staff are dedicated professionals who seek to help young people see all of life through God's eyes.

We are extremely proud of the quality of our faculty and staff at Harrisburg Christian School. Teachers, volunteers, aides, and staff members are experienced and have been selected not only because of their skills and experience, but also because of their Christian testimony. Faculty members and staff are certified and qualified to carry out their duties according to the standards of educational excellence required of a fully accredited school. Most importantly, their collective example of Christ-like character is a positive influence on all aspects of young lives each day.

Our Campus

The school is situated on twenty-one acres of fields and woodland at the base of Blue Mountain near Linglestown, Pennsylvania. Campus buildings contain a gymnasium and auditorium, cafeteria, custom-designed music and art classrooms, science lab, two computer labs, general purpose classrooms, weight-training center and offices. Bus transportation is also provided from most area school districts.

Tours of the HCS Campus are available by contacting the school.