Our Future

Our future as a quality Christian school requires continual focus on various elements to maintain our quest for excellence:

Our Mission

Needs to remain the plumb line throughout the growth and change that may occur as we continue to develop. The bottom line goal of providing an excellent Christ-centered academic program will remain paramount. This will help our students grow to reach their full potential intellectually and spiritually. The programs, facilities and opportunities that may be added in upcoming years will only help us reach these basic goals of providing a well-rounded Christian school experience.

Our Curriculum

Any future curriculum additions and/or changes will continue to integrate academic learning with faith. Young people who graduate from Harrisburg Christian are well prepared to pursue their futures at higher learning institutions and in professions of their choosing. As society changes, our curriculum will continue to expand and grow, most likely in the areas of Information Technology, Science and the Arts. Each child is encouraged to use his/her God-given abilities to fulfill God's purpose both personally and professionally.

Our Diversity

HCS continues to maintain a diverse student and faculty, representing over 70 area churches of various denominations. Our future includes plans to continue to maintain a diverse culture, allowing Christians of various denominational, cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds to take an active role.

Our Faculty

Presented as the "living curriculum", our teachers are the professionals who help our students to see life through the eyes of God. Faculty members are certified and encouraged to strive to continually improve their professional credentials as well. As an accredited school through of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the HCS faculty, administration, school board and staff are offered many training opportunities throughout the year. Our continual quest for excellence mandates that we continually evaluate and strive for improvement.

Our Campus

HCS has undergone many changes in recent years. The Arts and Athletic Center, featuring a gymnasium, large stage area, locker rooms and weight room was constructed in 1999. In addition to being used for physical education during the school day, this facility continues to be a gathering place for indoor athletic events, graduations, concerts, drama performances and meetings. The Fine Arts Center, complete with state-of-the-art classrooms for Music and Art and a full-service cafeteria/multipurpose room was dedicated for use in September 2001. This facility also continues to bless the students in grades K-12 with a beautiful setting for art class, and an acoustically designed room for music, choir and hand bell classes. While students and faculty also enjoy the cafeteria during the school day, many church groups have rented our facility for banquets and meetings as well.

Part of our focus for the future is to permit the Christian community to take part in the good things happening at HCS, allowing many to enjoy the blessings that God has given to our school. Future projects for expansion include a planned extension of our main building to include additional classrooms and two large, state-of-the-art Science labs. As we grow and develop, our focus for the future continues to be constant and prayerful: "To Promote Christ-like Character and Academic Excellence."