The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognizes the Harrisburg Christian School as a non-public, non-licensed day school for the education of children. It is further recognized that the school uses courses of study which meet all the requirements for providing a superior Christian education.


Secondary School

In grades 9 through 12, the school offers an Academic College Preparatory program. Students that will be entering 9th-12th grades will be counseled by the high school administration as to their course of study for the following year. Parents of these students will then be given the necessary scheduling materials. Please see the High School Course Catalog for details. Course selection is dependent upon course availability, scheduling, and the student's academic performance.

The curriculum for our 6th, 7th and 8th grades consists of Bible, english (grammar, spelling, vocabulary and composition), reading, science, math, social studies, computer instruction, music, art, and health/physical education. Please see the Middle School Course Catalog for details.


Elementary School

Our school curriculum for grades K-5 includes Bible, language arts (reading, composition, spelling, phonics, grammar, and handwriting), science, math, social studies, music, art, health, physical education, and computer instruction.