J- TERM (January 8-12, 2018), a Winter Week of Wonder, offers the opportunity for our students to explore specific interests and careers during a week-long experiential, interdisciplinary series of courses and experiences.  It’s a wonderful way to bring the world to our students and bring our students to the world. We are looking forward to an academically-based, career-focused, experiential, engaging and relational J-TERM 2018.

Please click here to view the 2018 J-Term course descriptions and deadline information.

2018 J-Term Registration Form


It was nice to see the Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct and the expectations placed on students as part of the experience. That will prove to be a benefit to students as they go through life…even if they don’t see that now… it will definitely prepare them.

J-Term Instructor

I appreciated the opportunity to present the student with valuable understanding of the professional experience, and what to expect once they enter into whichever pursuit they follow when they get out of school.

Job Shadow Host

I loved my class. It confirmed my interest in the profession.

HCS Student

J-Term is a unique feature to HCS, an incubator for career or vocation, a free form opportunity for our students to try, to explore, to become. There is no doubt in our minds that this week is worth all the time, resources and effort that is spent to produce it!

HCS Parent