MS/HS Scheduling Guidelines and Procedures

Below is critical information related to scheduling. Please review it carefully before scheduling.

Please read the following information, which includes course descriptions and letters from the Headmaster.

Listed below are links to the Student Course Selection Forms for each grade level.

Graduation Requirements

Students must satisfy the requirements below in order to be eligible for graduation from Harrisburg Christian School.

Taking Advanced Courses

Students are encouraged to take advanced courses (i.e. Dual Enrollment Courses, AP Courses, Pre-Calculus, Spanish IV, Statistics, Physics, Digital Graphics, and Pre-AP Art). Taking challenging courses is the best preparation for standardized testing (i.e. SAT and ACT), college coursework, and employment responsibilities. College-bound students, even those not majoring in mathematical or scientific fields of study, are highly encouraged to take a fourth year in science and a fourth year in math.

Typical Course Selections

The typical college bound student will take the following course selections in each of their four years. These samples of 9th – 12th Grade schedules do not include the satisfaction of all graduation requirements as it relates to electives.

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

Preliminary Scheduling Meetings

The Secondary Principal will meet with the individual high school classes to discuss the scheduling process and the course offerings for the upcoming year. Students will be given a packet of information to take home to their parents. Students will have opportunities to ask questions. Students are encouraged to schedule individual appointments with the Secondary Principal to discuss specific scheduling opportunities.

Course Descriptions

Course Catalogs are provided to students each Spring. The Catalog lists the courses offered at Harrisburg Christian School. It is important to note that not all courses are offered each year. The Administration reserves the right to cancel or add courses as the need arises.

Student Course Selection Form

A student must complete the Student Course Selection Form (listed by grade above)in order to register for courses. The form must be completed and returned to the MS/HS Office on or before Friday, May 13th. Students are encouraged to contact the Secondary Principal for assistance with their schedules. A selection of a course does not guarantee that a student will be admitted into the course. Students should note the following things when completing the form:

  • Students should select all their core courses and courses for graduation first.
  • Students must select one elective from “Choice A” and one elective from “Choice B”.
  • Students must carefully review the course pre-requisites.
  • Students must obtain all the necessary teacher signatures of recommendation.
  • Students must sign the form.
  • Students must obtain their parent signature.

NOTE: Forms not completed fully will not be processed.

Official Schedules

After a student completes the Student Course Selection Form, an Official Course Schedule will be sent to the student’s home the end of July or beginning of August. Students are encouraged to review their Official Schedules carefully. Any questions or changes to their schedule must be completed prior to Back to School Night on August 13th. Schedule changes that evening and thereafter must come by way of an official request using the Drop/Add Course Form.

Other Courses Not Listed

Students interested in taking Advanced Placement Art Studio, Pre-AP Art Studio or Digital Publishing (Yearbook) at a time than what is listed must indicate that request on their Student Course Selection Form. An attempt will be made to schedule those courses into a student’s schedule.