Tuition and Financial Aid

How Much is Tuition at HCS?

One of the first questions that parents ask about Christian school is, "How much is tuition?" The fact is that a quality education in a private Christian school is not inexpensive. What valued commodity in life is free? Sending one’s children to a quality Christian school will require most families to make a sacrifice. The good news is that HCS will match the family’s sacrifice with one of its own through provision of fair and generous tuition assistance. The great news is that an HCS education is worth it! Consider our newly revised vision statement and pray for the Lord’s wisdom and provision as you seek to make the best educational choice for your family:

Harrisburg Christian School is an extraordinary community that educates future leaders in an innovative academic environment to explore their God-given design, excel in life and learning, and engage their world for Christ.

The HCS Tuition Philosophy

  • HCS strives to include students from all of God's families from all economic levels
  • Families that have need will receive fair tuition assistance grants – over $850,000 given annually
  • Families that receive financial assistance are expected to help with fundraising

2018-2019 Tuition Schedule




We Can Afford This...

  • "Both my husband and I work. We knew we couldn't afford the tuition but didn't think we would qualify for financial assistance. To our surprise we got enough aid to make it possible for our daughter to move from a threatening public school environment to a caring Christian environment. What a testimony to the Lord's provision and the School's generosity." Two income family with 1 HS student
  • "I'm a single mom who did not know how I was going to afford the tuition for my three children to receive a quality Christian school education like that offered at HCS. The Lord has blessed my family through the generosity of the HCS Scholarship Program to make it possible. We received a 58% scholarship grant that results in a payment of $553 a month for THREE KIDS!" Single mom with 1 Elementary and 2 HS students
  • "As a Pastor, I thought that a Christian education was out of our reach. I wanted our children to have an education that supported what we taught at home and at church. The HCS Scholarship Program has enabled my two children to attend. The 40% need-based grant was what we needed to give our children the HCS experience." Ministry family with 1 Elementary student and 1 MS student
  • "We are retired and are raising our grandchild. How were we supposed to pay for a private Christian education? The HCS Scholarship Program made it feasible. We saw our tuition payment reduced by over $2,000 or $170 a month." Grandparents raising their elementary age grandchild
  • "My business has been struggling for the past two years. My wife has picked up part-time work to help make ends meet. I'm not sure how we would have been able to continue to have our daughter remain at HCS if not for the generosity of the HCS Scholarship Fund. They helped keep alive the dream of our daughter graduating from a Christian school.” Two parent household with 1 HS student

Generous Tuition Assistance Is Granted on a Per Family Basis by Application to FACTS

What is FACTS? FACTS provides HCS families a need-based financial analysis service which includes a recommendation of what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition. FACTS does not decide whether financial assistance will be given or how much to give. The recommendation reports from FACTS are reviewed by the Financial Controller and Superintendant with final approval from the Finance Committee.

Who should apply? Those families who feel they cannot afford the regular monthly tuition payment should apply. The cost to apply is $30. Payment must be made using a credit card. If your family does not have a credit card, please call the Business Office at 717.545.3728 for assistance.

Please click the FACTS logo to begin your application.