The Harrisburg Christian School Community is committed to providing the highest quality education in a distinctly Christ-centered environment and to being accessible to as many children as possible, regardless of family income. As a result, Harrisburg Christian School established the Annual Tuition Scholarship Fund to support families who need financial assistance in providing a God-honoring education for their child(ren). Below are commonly asked questions concerning the Annual Tuition Scholarship Fund Campaign.

Why do families need help with tuition? Over the past 25 years, the cost of education has outpaced inflation 2 to 1. In the same time period, the rate of inflation has outpaced the growth of wages 2 to 1. In short, families have less to spend on the ever-increasing cost of a quality education. For example, in 2008, the median family income in Dauphin County was $52,000 with 90% of families earning $100,000 or less. Independent School Management (ISM) states that families can use 10% of their income on education expenses. As a result, families should be able to pay between $5,200 and $10,000 in educational expenses per year. Yet, many families struggle to pay one child’s tuition and most find it almost impossible, short of receiving financial assistance, to pay tuition for two or more children.

Why does HCS help families in need? First, HCS is committed to providing high-quality education. Quality education is not inexpensive. Second, HCS believes that the benefits of this high-quality Christian education should not be offered only to those of certain socio-economic positions but to everyone, regardless of income. Third, HCS believes God has called us to help families in need. Romans 12:13 states, “Share with God’s people in need.” Lastly, HCS believes that Christian discipleship and academic preparation in a God-honoring environment is a necessity for children and thus a responsibility of the Christian community to provide. As Dennis Rainey, President of Family Life Today, said, “Our children are a messenger to a time and place we will not see.” Our mission at HCS is to provide them an opportunity to prepare for that time and place.

How does HCS know who needs assistance? HCS conducts a thorough and independent financial aid process. To determine whether a family qualifies for assistance, HCS has partnered with FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to determine the amount of aid a family needs. HCS provides over $500,000 in need-based financial assistance and supports over 50% of its students with need-based assistance.

Where does the money come from to support tuition scholarship? Tuition scholarship funds come from people like you and from a community of donors, foundations, and local businesses who have a desire to see that children have the opportunity for a quality, Christ-centered education.

How can I contribute to the Tuition Scholarship Fund? Before you give, we would ask you to pray. Pray that the Lord continues to bless the ministry of Harrisburg Christian School and provides for both the needs of the School and the needs of its families. As for contributing to the Tuition Scholarship Fund, you may give in the following ways . . .

  • By Cash or Check: Please designate it to the Tuition Scholarship Fund. Please make checks payable to “HCS”.
  • By Credit Card: You may donate to the Tuition Scholarship Fund using a credit card clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
  • By Sale of Assets (i.e. Stocks, Bonds, Land, etc.): Please contact the Business Office at 717-545-3728 or at businessoffice "at"
  • Through the United Way: Typically 70% of the funds given to the United Way are undesignated. If you or your employer is involved in giving through the United Way campaign, you may designate your funds to be given directly to Harrisburg Christian School.
  • Through an Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC): Businesses can give to HCS while also receiving a 75% to 90% tax credit in return. Both HCS and your business benefit. Please contact the Business Office at 717-545-3728 or at businessoffice "at"

You may donate online at our secure Paypal site by clicking on the button below. You do not need a Paypal account to use this service.